NON/Ableism (2021)
Audio installation

In collaboration with S.O.T.A. (State of The Arts) and Engagement Arts . Co-curated with Mira Bryssinck and with help of Simon Allemeersch.

NON/Ableism is an audio-installation and happening that intervenes in cultural and artistic spaces, critiquing the current ableist bias and inaccessibility of these institutions. The audio installation provides testimonies as art objects and interacts with ideas on narrativity, testimonials, witnessing and experienced truth. Visitors ars guided through personal stories and fragmentarily map stories and narratives of ableist encounters of people with disabilities working in the arts. It is an informal invitation to rethink accessibility, logics of productivity and cripping up the arts.

This audio installation is a result of an on-going artistic research and practice that is at the core of Josefien’s practice. Together with Mira there is an unlimited ambition to continue and let this artistic archiving practice of testimonials grow into new presentations and narratives.